Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Keeping my cool

It was a bit busy day for me here at my shop. I got quite few customers renting the pc and some came to ask for my printing and scanning services. Hmmm this one customer don't have enough patience in waiting for me to scan all his documents (4 lettersized paper) to think it was only about 3 or so mins. that have gone by. He thought it was just in flash. duh? ! He said he was in a hurry to attach it to his email. Ok i said in a min. sir it's still processing.

While scanning and attending to another customer, another customer came and she wants to scan her docs too, so i said in a min bec. i'm still scanning. Ngek, she left maybe she doesn't want to wait but what will i do, attend to her 1st??? And when i finished my scanning that guy is complaining again why is it taking too long for him to attach it to his email. I told him that his 4 docs are 3MB in size and it will really take a min. or so to attach at yahoo mail. He wants it in seconds maybe?

Sometimes customers make me crazy you know... I hope they will understand that things need some time to process and there is a word like WAIT..
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  1. hahaha! a lot of people are really in a hurry. How about offering them coffee while they wait. hihihi.

    Mga apurado. :)


  2. hi :) I agree with you. I encountered customers who are like that too! they wanted things to work according to their pace which is not possible naman.

    palibhasa, hindi marunong sa sistema ng internet :p

  3. yeah, when we had a store in the province the buyers wanted to be served kaagad, even if I was still busy with the first one ... :/

    I hope it's ok ... I'm passing on to you the Nice Matters Award ... I hope you don't mind too much. :)

    I really do enjoy reading through your entries ... I still have to browse through your other blogs, though. :)

  4. gosh, you cannot really please everyone....naku! akala seguro nila with a blink of an eye tapos na ay naku...keep your cool talaga Jen. TC

  5. gosh, you cannot really please everyone....naku! akala seguro nila with a blink of an eye tapos na ay naku...keep your cool talaga Jen. TC

  6. hay naku bes dapat binigyan mo ng cool candy para lumamig ng konte! taga-taytay ba yan? talagang you really should practice keeping and maintaining your patience kase pag hot ang isa dapat cool ang iba and alam mo naman customer is always right! lapit na birthday mo, 1 month and 4 days na lang!

  7. hay naku sinabi nyo pa mga sisters.. as if i can do all the task in a blink of an eye ani..

  8. hayy, customers customers... you can't really please 'em.. buti nga ganyan lang mga complaint mo, kami sa store namin grabeh mag critize ng mga customers namin kakabaliw, problema kasi gusto nila within a snap of a finger they will get it right away, aba naman hindi ba nila naiintindihan ang word na patience? hmphh


    uy, ate I love your layout, napaka cozy, I feel the warm feel of fall already hahaha

    have a blessed day, ate Jen!


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