Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Neglected Projects

Do you find yourself stuck with your own personal projects? I do, I was meaning to finish making a collage of my 2006 Australian Vacation. It’s already on the 2nd quarter of the year and I haven’t started it yet. Argghh, where will I have the time for that? To think my photos are taken from a film camera so I still need to scan the photos before I can make it into a collage.

To give you an idea, the picture below is the collage that I made and have it printed 8” x 14” in size and it turned out to be so nice. It includes all the highlights of my trips and it’s a good way to preserve the memories.
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Aside from that, way back in the early 2000, I was hooked into cross stitching; I had about over 20 stitched framed projects but left several projects on hold. I became too busy with my computer stuff so I’m not sure when will my hand hold that golden needle again.

Speaking of neglected project, my bro-in-law would top the list of people who was enthusiastic in starting a project but end up being lazy in the middle of it. He was setting up a small bar at the backyard of their house but it was almost 2 years that it was left untouched. My sister Joy already complained bec. she has already bought 2 bar stools, which end up in the kitchen. Need I to say more? Their garage was a bit disorganized, he promised to put some cabinets but never made it yet.. lol..

What about you, do you have any personal projects that you have neglected?


  1. great collage sis..ganda ng mga pics

  2. Good job on the collage!
    I have some projects left undone because i don't have much time. These were mostly having our pictures printed. Sabi nga ng hubby ko kuha daw kami ng kuha ng pictures hanggang computer lang nararating. hehe

  3. JUZ, thnks ha..

    @ NICE hahaha naku parang ako rin yata.. puro sa computer nakikita pics but lately wala rin napadevelop.hahaha

  4. How nice...well done! Those are worth keeping.

  5. sus! ang dami! procastinator kasi ako. as in uber! hehe!


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