Sunday, August 12, 2007

Fun day with my Bes ( short for bestfriend)

My very bestfriend Racel came over to my shop on Saturday before lunch time to teach her about the "ins and out" of blogging and blogging for moolah..There are times when i scolded her (of course in my friendly way) hahaha bec. of the way her blog looks etc. etc.. Knowing that i have the lil experience in blogging she of course takes my advices hehe (she has no choice haha). Anyway, laughter and giggles are always there every time we see each other.

We had lunch over here and pretty much she had accomplished all the things she needs
to do. I still need to teach her more and i know she'll be back again for more tutorials. Of course our day will not end with picture taking, we're picture addicts ya know hehe

Oops i had the same shirt when she was here last time hahaha.. I guess i need to buy more shirts next time hehe.


  1. its nice to have friends over. I understand what you mean when u so happen to be wearing the same shirt when the person sees you again... LOL :)

    You have a friendly face. Take care ;)

  2. hi bes, grab ko 'tong pictures below mas happy faces natin dito :-) thanks for the assistance ha! take care always mwah!

  3. friends talaga! so kind of you Jen to help her.

  4. No problem Bes, basta ikaw.

    ANGie, oo nga we've been friends isnce high school pa..


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