Friday, August 24, 2007

Crying Bunny

Hahaha. Take a look at my niece Reign, she’s having a tantrum when her mom and I asked her to wear that animal costume that my sis Joy gave to her the last time she sent a balikbayan box. It was actually a “bunny costume” and I thought it was pretty cute on her.

At first she liked to try it but when we teased her she’s a bunny with that big ears and small tail, she begun to cry and wanted to remove the costume right away hahahaha. My cam is ready to take a pic of her but she end up crying.

But last night, she wants to wear that c
ostume but I was the one who forgot to bring along my cam. I guess if we are both ready I can take a good snap of her wearing that.


  1. pede gamitin yan sa trick or treat or kaya sa mga costume parties

  2. oo nga Girlie, thanks for giving us the idea

  3. that's cute!she looks like she's lovin' it!

  4. hindi nga Jen eh that is why she is crying hahaheheh


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