Friday, July 13, 2007

No Internet Connection sucks!!


Wow what a very unlucky day for me….!!! I wasn’t able to open my net café till 2 pm bec. there was NO INTERNET CONNECTION when i opened it this morning!!!! Gosh, I felt I was disconnected from the world when that happened. I kept on calling my Internet server but the technical support is too busy to answer my calls. I am sure a lot of subscribers are calling them at that time. This is the 1st time that it happened. There are days that 1- 2 mins I wasn’t able to connect but in no time the connection will be ok, but this time it took so long. While waiting for the connection to be back I as able to make 1 scrap layout and was able to organize the freebies that I was able to download since the other day.

My call got through their technical support at around 1 pm (after waiting for almost 15 mins. on the phone for their agent to answer me), i gave my complaint and in no time she told me that there is a station technical problem and so i have to wait for it to be fixed. Around 2 pm, i still have no connection i called the tech support again and while we are talking on the phone my connection FINALLY went back and so i was so relieved. I finally opened my store at 2:30 pm. Gosh i lost customers in the morning, but it is just ok bec. i know technical problems will always come..I just wish my connection would not be cut again...

EDited: my oh my, my connection got cut OFF again at 4 pm, at it's only now 5:38 pm that it was connected again. !!!! And my shop is already closed and i lost customers for today.


  1. That sucks,Te Jen! Hope it'll be fixed ASAP!

    Have a great weekend! :) Mwahhh

  2. Hi Jenny! What's your internet service provider? It really sucks when you lose money from things like these. We have problems with our connections sometimes too. Anyway, hope it doesn't happen again! :)


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