Friday, April 13, 2007

Little Reign Graduates

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I wasn't able to share this photo earlier. This is my 3-year old niece Reign who graduates from Toddler this March. Hahaha who would have thought she'd finish the school term? There are times she just wants to stay at home and play with her Barbie dolls, but her mom is so patient in sending her to school and eventhough she can't speak so fluently we are proud of her because she can really draw well and can write her full name without any assistance. Next school year she will be in Nursery now.

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  1. Congrats to your niece, Jen, grabe, ang bata pa nya talaga. She knows how to write her name na, mabuti naman. Ako dito, still trying hard to make Tiana write her name properly sa lines, hay, minsan napaka frustrating. Mahirap turoan si Tiana, parang absent minded, tulala na her mind is not on her school work. Anyway, ang ganda naman ng niece mo, she looks so neat sa pic dito, thanks for sharing. Sige have a nice day!


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