Friday, April 6, 2007

Finally it's in the store

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YES, finally my FOLDED FLOWERS are in the Scrapping Garden Store now. I have been neglecting to upload it but they are for sale now.
As you can see i have made lots of different colors of these flowers so you can choose what color that will match your digital scrapping layouts.

Credit: Thank you to Michelle Rodriguez (my co-designer)for the safety pin.

You can purchase this flowers now at The Scrapping Garden, for only $2.85 good price huh? Thanks for your support.
You can check out my other designs HERE.

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  1. Wow, ang ganda nila, Jen. Great job! Realistic silang tingnan, believe talaga ako sa iyo, ang creative. I wish I can make some on my own din...LOL, eh pwede ko siguro magawa ang mga ganon sa psp ko ano? Gusto ko kasi, I make my own kasi may psp naman ako, saka I like to design mine personally, sa ganon naka personal touch talaga ang work natin.


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